Amir Bin Ali

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The Promise Which I Made to you is Going to Fulfil Today
My Stay In Your Town Has finished
It Was My Ritual to Pass Through Your Avenue
Every Morning and in The Evening
Tomorrow,You will not Find My Name in The List of Habitants of This Town 
I am standing in Your Premises to Have a Look
for the Last Time of Your Home and Surroundings
I am Holding a Broken Heart and Tearful Eyes With Best Wishes for You
Wishing Eternity to Your Neighbourhood
Last Salute To your Town


Guide for water
Water Comes and Goes
All the time it Flows
It Makes Its Own Ways for Flow
I have a Question in My Mind
Who Guides The Flowing Water the Passage of Flow?

Miss You Very Much
The Time Cures Every Wound
This is What I Have Heard Always
There is a Chance That My Wounds Will Be Healing Sooner or Later
Uptil Now as a Matter of fact,Every New Tragedy,Suffering and Wound
No Matter How Comes to My Life
Reminds me Of You......Only You 

It is Realy Surprizing for Me
When Ever i heard News About You,My Friend
That You All alone in Dark nights
Walks in The Empty Streets and Lonely Roads
Under The Shadow of the Stars
You Love to Sit On your Roof Top Alone in Silence
I Wish I Could Meet You Because I have a Question for You
How You Become a Friend of Stars and Nights?
You Used to Be Afraid of Darkness of Dusk




















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